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Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD is the largest coal mining company in the Republic of Bulgaria. It works the Maritsa Iztok  lignite field and is of decisive importance for the national energy balance. The company has been operating in order to provide light and heat and contribute to the economic prosperity of the Republic of Bulgaria for more than half a century.


We, the staff working for Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD, have set high goals and strive to achieve them in a responsible and professional manner. We are aware of our importance to the country and the region and this makes us confident. We undeviatingly pursue our goal to be the European face of Bulgarian coal mining.


Our mission:


To guarantee the energy independence of the Republic of Bulgaria by producing lignite from Maritsa Iztok  lignite field


The company exists in order to operate for public benefit, it provides the basis for power generation from own energy sources, thus guaranteeing  the energy independence of the country and the national security.


Our vision:


To be the European face of Bulgarian coal mining


We strive to reach a European level of work at our company. The company has been certified in accordance with ISO international standards as regards  quality management, occupational health and safety and environmental protection.


Each one of us, at each hierarchical level, tries to maintain and build up our vision when communicating with other company employees or with our clients and partners. We build up corporate culture and company image by consistent imposing of European principles of work, and we want to be recognized in society as a company that embodies and applies the best European practices, as well as a company of corporate social responsibility.


Our objective:


To ensure regular lignite deliveries to the thermal power plants in the region and to fully meet the plants` demand


The strategy  we use to achieve our objective consists of separate minor goals, which in their complexity and consistency  ensure the attainment  of the main one:


·        Introduction of high - technology equipment and automation;

·        Development and implementation of high - technology mining solutions;

·        Highly-qualified staff at each level;

·        Financial management, which ensures the operation, repair and investments of the company in accordance with the Business Plan;

·        Introduction of an Integrated Quality Management System, etc.



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The technical assessment of the project found the equipment proposed is appropriate and well suited for the duties envisaged and that there are no real alternatives which can match or improve the proposals. The project proposals have been well thought through, and the assumptions used in the justification are, if anything, conservative and robust


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